Patria Helicopters

Patria Helicopters AB is an approved FAA and EASA Part145 Repair Station.

We are Center of Excellence Dynamic Components for Overhaul & Repair with full capability for the following models:
- Airbus Helicopters: AS350 & AS355
- Bell: 206/ 407 /429/204/205/ 212/412/214
- Leonardo Helicopters: 206/109/119/204/205/ 212/412 (piece parts repairs included and several special repairs approvals)

We offer exchange units and upon request PBH (Power by Hour) tailored programs.

Our special in-house processes:
- Cadmium Plating
- Chromic treatment
- Alodine surface treatment
- Blue Epoxy Re-coating

Blue Epoxy Re-coating:
Authorized and approved by OEM for Blue Epoxy Re-Coating, typical P/Ns (all dash numbers).
206-011-814 T/R Trunnion Housing
206-011-816 T/R Bushing
212-010-413 Liner
412-010-166 Drive Pin
412-010-186 Upper Cone Seat
412-018-056 Lower Cone Seat
412-010-177 Spindle Plate Assy
412-010-222 Bushings
412-010-121 Bushings
214-010-230 Trunnion MIR
214-010-540 Bushing
214-011-813 T/R Housing
214-030-606 Spindle Assy
406-010-126 Drive Ring Seat
407-010-107 Lower Cone Seat


Enclosed is our complete Component Capabilities list.