Patria Helicopters
Patria Helicopters is an approved Airbus Helicopters Maintenance and Repair Center.

If you have an Airbus (Eurocopter) helicopter, Patria Helicopters is the maintenance partner for you! Our maintenance crew have extensive knowledge and experience in working with most Airbus products including maintenance, overhaul and repair. As an approved Maintenance and Repair Center we offer airframe work in our hangars, component work in the workshops, as well as electrical component maintenance.

We can offer package programs from turn key maintenance solutions to individual service for components and standard line service.

Maintenance and Repair Service Center

  •  Full Customer Service
  •  Equipment Integration & Helicopter Modification
  •  Service Support Agreement
  •  IFR & NV models



We provide line, base and field/on-site maintenance for AS350/355/H120/H135/H145.

We also have a Service Support Agreement and we offer Equipment Integration and Aircraft Modification.