Hydraulic test stand mounted on a trolley (steel structure) equipped with two super elastic wheels, two fwd castor wheels and an hand bar on the back of the equipment for easily handling.
Axial piston type high pressure electric motor driven pump with variable displacement and adjustable working pressure up to 6 GPM at 3000 psi.

High pressure 3 µ filter on delivery line equipped with visual filter clogged indication.
Submerged cartridge suction filter 90µ.
Stainless Steel reservoir, externally painted, volume 42 litres about, operative capacity 27 litres, equipped with:
•    inspection hole 
•    oil level visual sight indicator
•    drain valve
•    filling and drain port
•    suction and return port

Sampling port to check the fluid class (according to NAS 1638).
Ambient working temperature: from -20 °c to +50 °c.
Working fluid: MIL-PRF-5606, MIL-PRF-83282 or MIL-PRF-87257.
Mechanical relief valve, to pilot the pump compensator, for the adjusting of the actual working pressure.

H.P. gauge, F.S. 6000 psi, ∅ 100 mm., accuracy 0,6% f.s., case filled with silicon oil for low temp.
Thermometer, F.S. 100 °C, ∅ 100 mm.
Hour counter (inside power board).
Fluid level sight indication.

Power rating 5.5 kW.
Power supply: 220/400Vac/50Hz three-phase + GND, 32A
                     200/440Vac/60Hz three-phase + GND, 32A

Standard: power supply cable length 10 m with plug 3P+GND 32A according to CEE17 (CEI23-12); One H.P. delivery flexible hose (size 1/2", length 8m), one L.P. return flexible hoses (size 3/4" length 8m), one drainage flexible hose (Size 1/2" length 8 m).
Test stand textile, cover wood crate for transport, O&M manual, CoC, Test report, gauge calibration report and fluid contamination report. Fuse kit as spare part.

Yellow RAL 1007 standard, other colours on request.

Suitable for AW109, BK117, AW212/412, SOKOL.