The P/N WK440 weighing kit is realized as an accessory of the P/N 440-9 mechanical lifting system and is designed to carry out the A/C weight and balance activity (weight distribution on weighing points, total weight, and coordinates from datum of the centre of gravity).

The acquisition unit is programmed to perform the tasks using three or four load cell in accordance to the aircraft under test weight and balance procedures. The kit is composed as follow:
•    N°1 powers upply cable. The unit can run with powered by internal batteries or external power;
•    N°1 P/N WK440 Acquisition unit with integrated printer;
•    N°4 load cells
•    N°4 calibrated connection cables from acquisition unit and load cells.

Through the acquisition unit keyboard it is possible to set the system to perform weight and balance on different A/C. The setting procedure is "user friendly" and it is carried out through a series of questions, which appears on the unit display.
The weight and balance calculation is automatically performed, shown on the display, printed on paper or sent to an outside remote device at your choice.



Electronic Balance WK440
Working conditions: from -10°C to +40°C
Power Supply: Ni-Cd cells with integrated 230V 50/60Hz recharger
Electrical input: 60W
Display: Display LCD 320x240dots retro illuminated