Patria Helicopters

Designed as a less expensive alternative to purchasing new parts, Patria Helicopters' exchange parts program allows customers to swap a component for a repaired or overhauled component at a significantly reduced price.

The Patria Helicopters' exchange program offers a selection of drive-train components as well as electrical, avionic, hydraulic and elastomeric assemblies.


Some current assortment

Part Numbers               

OEM Part Number                 


Sales mode        

206-010-450-011   SWASHPLATE & SUPPORT ASSY Exchange
206-011-100-105   HUB ASSY Exchange
206-011-100-129   HUB ASSY Exchange
212-040-004-009   GEARBOX 90" Exchange
350A31-0033-02   ANTIVIBRATOR Exchange
350A32-0120-00   EPICYCLIC RED. GEAR Exchange
350A32-0310-02   BEVEL RED GEAR Exchange
350A32-0400-00   OIL PUMP Exchange
350A33-0200-06   TAIL ROTOR GEAR BOX Exchange
350A33-0200-07   TAIL ROTOR GEAR BOX Exchange
355A32-0700-01   OIL PUMP Exchange
412-040-006-101   GEARBOX ASSY Exchange
206-062-200-141 200SGL132Q-4 Bell 429 starter generator Exchange
412-010-190-105   Spindle Exchange
412-010-145/146   Damper Exchange
PW 207   Engine Rental


Conditions for exchange sales

Exchange is based upon receiving time-expired components of the same part number. Components which have failed in operation or have been involved in an accident are not eligible for standard exchange. Exchange core must have been operated in accordance with the Manufacturers approved operational limitations.

Please note: After receipt, disassembly and inspection of the exchange core Patria Helicopters reserves the right to invoice additional cost related to the status of the exchange core. If the core unit is not returned or found to be BER (Beyond Economical Repair), an additional invoice will follow. Core to be returned within 3 weeks. An updated component log card must always accompany the core unit. In the case that the hours or cycles are missing or incorrect the concerned parts will be scrapped and invoiced.



Patria Helicopters AB offers a limited warranty on overhauled items based on an operating period of 300 flying hours or 12 months from delivery, whichever occurs first. For all other conditions Patria Helicopters' General Conditions apply.


If you have dynamic component core units for sale please contact our sales department.

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